April 23-29

Hey Readers!

The last month of the school year is finally here and I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s the best month.  End of school sports events, school wide fun days, state wide testing, and summer fever are taking over the schools and I don’t think there’s another time in the year that is this exciting!

Last week Blountstown High School enjoyed their school wide field day. The event was a big success and I think most students had an excellent day!  Field day featured snow cones, obstacle courses, and some other blow up attractions.  On top of that all of the student’s got the opportunity to hang out, play some games, and enjoy the sun shine!

Last week Green Dot had four overviews at Liberty County High School. The students were great and sharing our message with them was a joy.  The overviews focus on Green Dot’s goals and a few ways we can get involved in preventing violence in our communities.  If you’re looking for some ways to get involved at your school or in your community this blog might be a great place to start.  Thinking about the safety of those around you and imagining yourself in positions where you would need to act is a great way to begin becoming the bystander that future you would be proud of!

Last week we were also able to get some great face to face time with some of Blountstown High’s students in the library.  You may know that your student’s are smart, but did you know that they’re so good at games like chess!  Many of the students use their free time in the library to play different games like Yugioh, and a lot of them have gotten really good at them!

If you can think of an upcoming school event that could use a little violence prevention messaging, get in touch with us!  A great person to talk to about getting in touch with us is your principal, or reception in the front office at your school.  And remember, big or small anyone can make a difference in their community.  Just by being prepared and watching out for your friends you could end up as someone’s hero!

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