April 15th – 22nd

Hey Green Dotters!

May is fast approaching and with it comes prom, end of school activities, and something everyone can get excited about!  Summer!  Whether you’re a student or a staff member, I don’t think it’s possible to not be excited about summer vacation.  With just 6 weeks left in the school year we’re planning to send you off right with some Green Dot activities, and a few well timed events!

This past week at Liberty County High School we held our most recent ice cream social.  The event was a big success as we were able to serve as many students that wanted to participate, (as well as slip in some anti violence messaging.)  The messaging focused on being proactive and how just by getting involved through conversation, preparation, and ending isolation; you can make a big difference in the safety of your school.  We hope you enjoyed the event and that we started a few conversations at your table!  IMG_0005.JPG

If you want to be more prepared in case you encounter violence, knowing how you can respond is a great way to start.  In our program we like to divide up reactive Green Dots into 3 categories: Direct, Delegate, and Distract.  Direct  means that when you see something that makes you uncomfortable you’re going to get directly involved.  Pretty simple.  This means you have to know what to say, know who to address, and know what to do if the situation escalates.  If you’re anything like me getting Directly involved is no problem at all, you’ve spent every shower winning arguments in your head and you’re more than prepared to handle this situation.  As cool as getting directly involved can be, it’s not the only way to end up being the hero.  Another great Green Dot is to delegate, this Green Dot is perfect for our chatty students that love to socialize.  Delegating just means to tell someone else, this means knowing the man for the job and having the contacts to call on in case an emergency happens.  Being someone who delegates might mean maintaining personal relationships with your peers and teachers, as well as calling on them when someone needs their assistance.  It might also mean having hot line numbers ready if it’s something serious.  Last, but definitely not least; we have Distract.  Distracting can be a great Green Dot if you’re someone who usually delegates, but there’s noone around you to help.  It might also be a great Green Dot for those of us that want to get directly involved, but don’t like interpersonal conflict and only want to diffuse the situation before it escalates.  Distracting means changing the subject of conversation, or making people feel more comfortable, or sometimes drawing attention away from a conflict and onto yourself.  It might be grabbing someone’s attention before a school fight, or sitting with 2 people at lunch that you know have an unhealthy relationship.

No matter what your Green Dot is you can have a huge impact on your peers.  Sometimes all it takes to be the hero is asking someone what’s wrong.  Not only will you be making the school safer, but you might even make someone’s day!

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