April 30th-May 6th

Hey Readers!

May is in full swing and with it comes summer! I was lucky enough to enjoy some good weather this weekend down near the Suwanee River. Hopefully the rest of the month will bring us clear blue skies and light showers.

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to take a trip up and down the Suwanee River. It was a great opportunity for me to see some ‘authentic’ Florida, emerald green water and 8 foot wide cyprus trees dominated the scenery and set the mood. Many of Florida’s rivers feature some of the best fresh water springs in the country; this includes the particular section of river we were traveling to, the Ichetucknee. The sun beat down on us as we approached the large spring head, but this made the spring all the more refreshing as we took a dip. We finished up our journey with some much needed cool drinks and a real barbecue.

It’s interesting that even though the world around us changes every day the river seems to be at a standstill (both literally and figuratively). The slow moving green water has been there sporting its trees and natural scenery since long before any of us were here. Even since times of Spanish explorers and Native Americans, Florida’s rivers have been frozen in time, ever sporting leaf bearing trees and wild game. Interestingly, what has changed most about the river over the last several hundred years are the boats that traverse up and down its murky channels.

In Calhoun County, we should be experiencing beautiful weather this week, like that of my last weekend. It’s the perfect time to invite out some friends, have a barbecue, or sunbathe out in the back yard! Social events are a great opportunity to be proactive or to talk about preventing violence. Keeping our community safe can be as easy as having a conversation about how to deal with a bully, or talking to your loved ones about how they’d react to a school fight or any other social disturbance. Being prepared means being safe!

So next time you find yourself hanging out with friends on one of these beautiful Spring days, find a way to create a Green Dot! Big or small, anyone can make a difference in keeping our community safe

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