August Comes to a Close 2019

Hey Readers!

By now school is in full swing and classes are probably starting to feel pretty regular again!  As August comes to a close and September opens up to cooler weather we’ll be anticipating a three day weekend that might leave you with a bitter sweet after taste of summer.

Labor day marks the first Monday of September and this year falls on the 2nd, it serves as a great day for grilling out and spending time with the family.  There’s not much better than getting a scheduled day off with all the other members of your community, it makes for a great opportunity to get together and share in each others company.  Personally, I’ve always liked labor day because it’s one of the first holidays of any school year! Labor day’s origins lie in the union movements at the turn of the 20th century. Although it has lost much of it’s focus on unionized labor over the years, the holiday remains a great way to mark the end of summer and serves as a reminder that we all need a little time off once in a while.

Wile you’re out grilling, floating in the pool, sun bathing, or just enjoying some TV on your day off; Green Dot wants to encourage you to remain proactive.  Violence prevention start with good conversations and proper attention to what’s going on in your families lives. Some great conversation starters might be just asking how school is going and making sure that your friend or family member is getting along with their classmates.  Violence prevention can be as easy as enjoying the company of your family, while making sure they are safe! If you want to go the extra mile, consider having some of your neighbors over for a cookout. By building a strong community you’re setting yourself up to be a violence prevention expert, plus you might even make some great relationships along the way!

Whatever your Green Dots (big or small), they’ll add up to something great!

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