Memorial Day!

Hey Readers!

School officially ends this week, and with it summer vacation has arrived! It’s time to get on down to the beach, lay out in the sun, and relax. There’s nothing quite like the weather for the first few weeks of summer in Florida.

Memorial Day was this Monday if you weren’t already aware. For those of us not in school, this serves as a much needed Monday off for some and a day of somber remembrance for others. We all know that Memorial Day is a day for honoring those that have fallen while serving our military, but did you know that it actually got its roots from as far back as the American Civil War? The Civil war officially ended in the spring of 1865; following the conflict many national cemeteries sprung up and with them many communities started having days of tribute to honor the dead. By the late 1860s, dozens of towns had established ‘decoration day’; this was a time when the community could come together to decorate graves, recite prayers and spend time with loved ones. Fast forward a hundred years and congress establishes it as a national and federal holiday with the new name Memorial Day.

Holidays are a great time to spend the day with loved ones. Nothing quite ‘recharges my batteries’ like spending time with my family and listening to them argue over the latest current events. Sometimes I feel like I’m just waiting for the in between moments when I get to relax with the people that are really important, or share in a long afternoon where the sun does its best to not set too early.

Get-together’s can also serve as an excellent opportunity to be proactive and keep your loved ones safe! Safety can be as easy as having a conversation about preparation, or sharing your contact information with a friend. Letting other people know that you’re the person to call when life gets real is an excellent way to ensure you’re doing your part in keeping a healthy community (just remember you have to be ready to show up too)!

No matter what Green Dots you choose to do, remember that you can make a difference! Big or small our good deeds will add up to something great!

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