April 8th – 15th

Hey Readers!

Last week blinked by!  Tonight (April, 15th) is Blountstown High School’s poetry slam.  If you’re a Blountstown High School student, you ought to stop by this evening from 5 – 8 pm to hear some great rhymes by some great students.  

Tomorrow at Liberty County High School is our Green Dot ice cream social!  Don’t worry too much about showing up, because we’re bringing the event right to you!  All you have to do is show up to lunch regularly and stop by our table. The event will focus on some different ways we can be proactive through really simple things a lot of us do everyday!  It might be asking one of your teachers to be there if you need them, or asking a parent about how they dealt with a bully in high school. No matter what your proactive Green Dot, together we’ll add them up to something great!

Doing Green Dot’s can be really easy, you just have to know here to start.  Sometimes to get started on anything, whether it be exercising more, or eating better, or going to bed on time, it’s best to start with one task.  For example, if you were lifting weights but had never really done it before, it might be best to start with your form. Don’t worry about how much weight you’re taking on, or how many reps you can do, for the first couple of weeks you may want to just practice squatting with your chest out.  Once the form feels natural and you’ve made a habit of going to the gym, you’ll be ready to take on greater challenges. If you start out engines blazing, you might burn out sooner than you thought you would, and similar to any exercise, the best way to do Green Dot’s consistently is to make a habit of it.  

Some great early Green Dot’s might just be talking to one person about violence prevention a week; you don’t have to know what to say, you just have to make the commitment to doing it first.  Another great starter Green Dot might be getting to know that quiet person in class. It may be awkward at first, and they might not know what to talk with you about, but by doing it consistently you’ll become an expert.  Who knows, even from humble beginnings you may go from asking someone about their weekend, to becoming someone’s hero!

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