April 1st-8th

Hey Readers!

I hope you had at least half as good of a spring break as I did!  Personally I went to the beach once and spent more than enough time lounging around the house.  Time off always leaves me refreshed and ready to take on new challenges wherever they might be, which really means I laid around long enough that I finally got bored.

If you’re a student at Liberty County High School, boy do we have a lot planned for you this month!  Later this week we have some overview speeches planned, which we will be conducting primarily in the English classes.  Later in the month we’ll be conducting a 6 hour bystander training with around 20 students, so if you’re excited about the possibility of attending I’d go bug Mr. Willis in the front office to make sure you get placed on the list.  Not only do we have our regularly planned activities, but we’ll be conducting a school wide ice cream social somewhere in between for anyone that wants to participate!  For the Ice Cream social you don’t even have to worry about showing up, you’ll see us in the lunch room waiting on you!

Remember that big or small you can do so much to make your community safer.  Just by being a friend and a good neighbor you can really make a difference in your school or community.  We call these small good deeds Proactive Green Dot’s and there’s countless things you could be doing to make your school safer.  It might be sitting with someone at lunch that appears to be alone, or sharing your phone number with a new student.  You might do your part by wearing a Green Dot t-shirt, or having a conversation with a family member about how they handled a bully when they were in school.  No matter what your Green Dot your actions have a huge impact on the students around you!  As long as we all do a few small things, it’ll add up to something great!

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