March 12th – 19th

Hey Readers!

Spring break is right around the corner and I am more than excited!  I hope ya’ll have made some plans to go to the beach this next week, because the weather is supposed to be great!

Our only update for this week is our bystander at Altha School from last week.  The training was a big success and we had so much fun sharing our message with you.  I hope we inspired some students that together we can make a difference in our community, and that our small actions add up.

The core message of our bystander training is that anyone, when given the right tools, can have an impact on the violence in their community.  A great way to get involved is to categorize the different ways we can react to a possibly violent encounter.  We call these categories the 3D’s and they’re really the heart of our program.  The first of the 3D’s is Direct, this just means getting directly involved if the need arises; it might be telling someone their behavior is in inappropriate, or standing up for someone who’s being picked on, or maybe even breaking up a fight.  Direct is a great option for situations you know you can handle and when you know that no harm is going to come your way.  The second of the 3D’s is Delegate.  Delegating is really simple, it just means to tell someone else.  If you saw something that made you uncomfortable, but you don’t really know how to go about solving it, the best thing you can do is tell someone else.  It might be telling the resource officer about something you witnessed, or having a difficult conversation with a teacher you trust, or disclosing something private to your principal on campus.  Last but not least is Distract. Distracting is a good option when you need to get directly involved, but you don’t want to draw attention to the conflict that you’re trying to disarm.  It might be changing the subject on a touchy topic, or cheering up someone whose day isn’t going well.  Even by just distracting you can really turn someone’s day around!

By sorting out the different methods we have at our disposal we are better able to assess our own strengths and know how we are going to get involved.  If we know how to want to react to a given situation, then it’s more likely that we will respond when the need arises.  Who knows, if you’re prepared, you just might become someone’s hero!

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