February 26th – March 4th

Hey Readers!

Spring Break is just 2 weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited! Like many of you, I’m excited about getting a little time to myself and maybe even getting out in the sun.

Not too much is going on at this time in the school year, but I think this slight lull in scheduling is a great time to look for fun opportunities going on at our schools. Before statewide testing inevitably takes over our campuses in the coming weeks, we really ought to squeeze as much as we can out of the time that we have at our disposal. One such student is doing just that by scheduling and running his own game tournament on Blountstown High’s campus. ‘Yu-gi-oh’ is a card game that has seen quite a bit of attention at BHS in the last couple years and this Saturday at 9 AM there will be a tournament going on! Students will have a chance to not only show off their skills, but will attempt to win one of a few really cool prizes. Entrance in the tournament is granted by just 5 dollars, but there will be ‘friendly’ matches going on throughout the day if you just want to show up and hang out.

Green Dot is always looking to new events and different activities to be a part of on your campus. If you’re planning an event or have a great idea, we’d be happy to help you out! Green Dot is constantly looking for new way’s that we can interact with our students, so if you want a little violence prevention programming, or just have some ideas, then please seek us out on campus! Not only would you be doing something possibly fun and engaging, but you may even be doing a proactive Green Dot in the process!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at lunch we’ll be conducting survey’s at Liberty County High School. It’ll be a good chance to give us some feedback or to share what amazing things you’ve been doing on campus as of late. It’ll also be a good chance to pick up some Green Dot related goodies (pens or pencils, key chains) just by participating.

No matter what your Green Dots are, remember that big or small everyone can make a difference. If we all work together our small actions will add up to something great!

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