February 18th-25th

Hey Readers!

February is wrapping up and Spring Break is right around the corner!  Like many of you I’ve noticed the weather is already starting to warm up.  Personally I’m so excited for spring.  I’m planning on hopping down to the beach, sun bathing, and not doing a thing for at least one weekend coming up.

This week Green Dot will be collecting surveys while planning something fun for the following week.  So if your head is full of any great ideas please share them with us!  We’re really looking to do more activities centered around lunch time, which if you’re lucky might entail something like another ice-cream social!

One of my favorite parts of working on the Green Dot program is getting to hear everyone’s bystander stories.  Many of our students have at least one story about a time they weren’t feeling well and someone took the time to cheer them up, or a time they were able to help someone out of an unhealthy situation.  Sometimes it’s little things like sitting with someone at lunch who is all alone, other times our students share really amazing stories about getting involved in a bullying incident or breaking up a fight.  Sometimes students end up in a story just by circumstance, other times they insert themselves into a narrative and create their own story with their good actions.

I want to encourage you today to write your own story!  Get involved and do something great, it can be really rewarding and leave you with something great you can pass around.  If you’re thinking to yourself “man I really want to get involved, but I don’t know who to help” then maybe you can start small.  Try being a new friend to someone who you think really needs it.  Or just make it your duty to ask everyone how they’re doing.  Sometimes the first step to becoming a violence prevention expert is setting up your peer networks so that you’re more connected to your fellow classmates.

What ever Green Dots you end up doing I’m sure you’ll end up doing something great.  Who knows, sometimes it’s the little things that end up making you a hero!

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