Valentine’s Day!


Hey Readers!

Love was in the air last week as we went about our regular classes and celebrated Valentine’s Day. We’re kicking off this week right with a Monday off for President’s Day, soon to be followed by Spring Break in just a few short weeks. But before we get into this week’s message, let’s recap what our students put together for us last week.

As some of you may be aware, February is teen dating violence awareness month (as well as a few other things.) We here at Green Dot thought that it would be a good idea to center an activity around Valentine’s Day to promote healthy dating between our high school students. The activity featured painting a banner with the words “what does love look like” followed by a short activity that gave students a chance to share what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like (see examples below). Around the activity we also passed out hearts on which the students could share what qualities they look for in dating partners. Students shared all kinds of different things ranging from honesty and integrity to ‘I need my boyfriend to listen to Michael Jackson’ or ‘I just want to date someone taller than me’. Although the activity did not focus specifically on violence, it was a great way to show what healthy, non-violent relationships look like.image1 (1).JPGimage6.JPG

Last week was a lot of fun and we are so glad that you came out and showed your support.  Special thanks to the students at BHS and LCHS for putting in their time and sharing what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

When we talk about proactive Green Dots, we usually think of wearing a Green Dot shirt or having a conversation about preventing violence with your peers. However, a proactive Green Dot is really anything you do ahead of time that makes violence less likely to occur. A great way to get more involved is to make preventing violence fun! Some great ways to do this include just making new friends, staying connected with your peers on campus, and letting other people know that you’re there if they call. By doing this, you’re taking a major step in preventing violence. Especially since February is teen dating violence awareness month, maybe you could focus your proactive Green Dots on that issue!

Other ideas for proactive Green Dots include sharing your phone number with people who you suspect might be in an unhealthy relationship and just letting them vent to you, as this might be one way to help them out of the relationship. If you know of someone who has a jealous and/or possessive girlfriend or boyfriend that you know reads their texts, maybe opt into using Snapchat as a resource as it doesn’t save the conversations you’re sharing. No matter what you choose to do, know that you can make a difference and that your actions add up. Just by having a conversation, you might make someone’s day better, or even prevent violence!

And lastly, remember that big or small anyone can make a difference.  Together our good deeds and actions will add up to something great!

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