February 4th-11th

Hey Readers!

Valentine’s day is this Thursday!  If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend I hope that you have them in mind this week!  In my mind chocolates has long been a theme in Valentines Day.  Sharing gifts and sweets is a great way to show your appreciation to someone you care about and on a Valentine’s day you’re almost expected to have something in hand!  Secretly one of my favorite things in February is all of the ‘on sale’ chocolate the day after, I’m very much looking forward to indulging in a few sweets this weekend.


Green Dot has planned some great activities around Valentine’s Day this week!  So if you’re a Blountstown High School student think about stopping by the library this Tuesday to enjoy painting, candy, and conversation!  If you happen to attend Liberty County High we’ll be on your campus the day of Valentine.  The activity will focus on promoting healthy relationships between high school students and will give participating students a chance to share with others what healthy relationships look like.  Everyone is welcome to attend (as long as you have the free time in your schedule available).  Even if you’re not interested in any of the activities that we’re doing, you should stop by anyway to get some chocolate at least!

February is teen-dating violence awareness month and we here at Green Dot think that it’s a great time to be proactive!  Proactive Green Dot’s are little things we do to stay on top of things and promote anti-violence.  It may be something like having a conversation about our roles as bystanders, or wearing your Green Dot shirt.  Anything that you do ahead of time that might reduce the risk of violence is a proactive Green Dot.  One great way you could get involved this week would be to come out to our booster this Tuesday and Thursday; not only would you be doing your part in preventing violence on campus, but it’ll be a lot of fun!

Remember that big or small we all have an impact on the people around us.  You never know, by getting involved you just might become someones hero!

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