January 8 – February

Hey Readers!

It’s crazy that you can enjoy just a few quick weekends and the month is already over!  February is already here soon to be followed by Valentine’s and President’s Day.  It’s so exciting to think about all the school-related events and holidays coming up as we enter into 2019. Who knows–we might even get a day off or two!

Over the last week our Green Dot team traveled down to (not so) sunny Orlando Florida for a work-related conference.  While that isn’t the most exciting aspect of working in violence prevention, it did give us some new insights into what we do.  We were able to share with other programs and learn about the different ways schools and communities are doing Green Dot all over the state!  With a fresh new perspective and some newly cultivated hope, your Green Dot team will be back in action starting tomorrow.  So be ready for upcoming Green Dot activities!

We talk a lot about getting involved in preventing violence in Green Dot (it is kind of what we do after all).  Most of the time we tell you to be on guard and to get involved if you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, but what if I told you there’s another way to get involved with Green Dot!  One of the very best ways you can be a better bystander is to be proactive even when there isn’t any violence on the horizon.  This might mean getting the phone numbers of other parents to stay in touch, or talking about our roles in violence prevention, or wearing Green Dot gear to advertise our message.  As many of our students already know, in January we work extra hard to promote our social media profiles and to get the Green Dot message out there.  It would be a super big help if any of our readers followed our posts on Facebook or Instagram; not only would you be promoting our program, but you’d be doing a proactive Green Dot in the process!

No matter what your Green Dot is, by getting involved you are making your community safer.  Whether it’s hanging out with someone who is sitting alone at lunch, standing up for the little guy, breaking up fights, or just checking in, your positive actions have a huge impact on the people around you.  As we move further into 2019, I hope that each and every one of us can do just one thing to show another person that we’re there for them.

Just this last fall I was fortunate enough to see everyone come together in wake of a crisis.  As unfortunate as Hurricane Michael was, it was truly a blessing to see so many people lend a helping hand when other people needed it so badly.  It would be a wonderful thing if we could carry that forward and continue to serve members of our community in their times of need.  Even though it’s a sore sight to see so many blue tarps driving around town, let it serve as a reminder that we still have work to do!

Never forget you can make a difference, whether big or small, so together we can let our good works add up to something great!

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