December 3-10th

Hey Readers!

Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t wait! Only two more weeks until honey baked ham and time with the family. Personally one of my favorite things about the holiday season is watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special (with or without my family). I have quite a few memories attached to that specific television broadcast and it brings back all that feel good nostalgia from my childhood.

The holidays are a great time for people to come together and to enjoy cold weather indoors, and if the weather is really cold, people are sure to want to be inside together. While I hope you will not be experiencing much violence over the break, I do think that we can still strive to be great bystanders this winter (even if it’s just to be a little proactive). One great and fun way to do this would be to get better in touch with your family. Sharing phone numbers and building good relationships is a great way to maintain a support network in times of need, and a great way to stay connected and reliable to other people. A good way to stay proactive is to stay in the know about your family and to be involved with other people around you! Some great ways you could do that before the break might be things like: sitting with someone new at lunch, or joining a club, or asking someone you already know to hang out after school. By staying connected we stay safe!

I hope this Christmas season is a great one for everyone this year, even if it isn’t a very exciting one. Remember that big or small, anyone can be a hero! Whether it’s 1) using your 3D’s to get right in the middle of a fight, 2) using your good choices to keep your friends safe throughout the school year, or 3) something else great, you can make a real difference!

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