November 6-12th

Hey Readers!

Most of life has returned to its regular flow, but with a few caveats to keep things interesting! Blountstown High School will be fostering our community’s displaced elementary educational teachers as their school is brought back to full function. We here at Green Dot hope you’ll welcome the new faces on campus with open hearts as BHS staff try to accommodate the additional new students to the school.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to spend time with family over the coming week and to fill my body to capacity with turkey. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of year as it marks a time on the calendar when I get to meet with my extended family. I don’t know of any other holidays when the norm is to lay about the house all day with limited activities just talking and sharing good food, but if you know of any I would probably like to be involved! I hope that this Thanksgiving is especially great this year for those of you reading this, and that you have a continued great rest of your year.

Green Dot will be bringing you plenty of violence prevention in the coming month or so; that means be on the lookout for some of our events! We’re always looking for new ways to get involved on your school campus, so if you have any great ideas bouncing around in your brain feel free to seek us out!

Lastly we want to remind you that every one of us has the ability to be somebody’s hero! Whether it’s something small like: walking someone home, checking on them after class, letting someone know you’re there if they need you or something totally extraordinary like: breaking up a fight, or helping someone in an unhealthy relationship. You have the tools to prevent violence with the 3-Ds, and that’s really super!

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