Fresh Start

Hey Readers!

School is finally back in motion after all the commotion that Hurricane Michael caused. Many members of our community experienced some property damage and a good scare, but after just a few short weeks, life is returning back to relative normality. Although this was a trying event, it made me very happy to see so many members of our community come together to make things better for the ones who were hardest hit.

When we finally got back into the normal class schedule, I thought it would be a good idea to ask some students about their hurricane experience and what they did to help out after the storm. Randolph from Blountstown High School shared that the storm was very tiring; stating that it lasted a long time and there was a lot of work to be done in the aftermath. He went on to share that his biggest fear was that his step-father who needed oxygen would be at risk while the power was off for the unforeseeable future. Thankfully Randolph’s family came together and made a long drive in order to get a generator to keep the oxygen flowing. Randolph said that after the storm he spent a lot of time working with a chainsaw cleaning up his own yard and a few other people’s yards around them.

Deshawn shared that the storm was a pretty bad time. He went on to say that during the storm he (and his family I presume) had to stay with his Aunt in order to avoid the storm’s danger. When I asked if there were any highlights to the storm, he said that the only thing to add was that he got glass in his feet. Deshawn went on to share that after the storm he helped clean up some of the mess.

Whitney talked about how stressful the storm was and that they were going to need a new house. She shared that they would be staying with their grandma for the time being. Whitney said that during the storm she did her best to keep her sister calm and to let her know that it was going to be alright. She went on to disclose that after the storm she gave clothes to people who needed them and spent time with her family.

We are so very proud of our students that went out and found a place that they could help in all of the storm’s aftermath. Lending a helping hand and being there for another person is exactly what Green Dot is about (even if our regular focus is on violence prevention).

Lastly, remember that big or small you can make a difference! Whether it’s preventing violence or helping out after a natural disaster.

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