October 9th – 16th

Hey Readers!

As many of you know, Green Dot has been interrupted a little bit by Hurricane Michael. We hope for our community that this turbulent event can be a good time to come together and care for our neighbors. Even though we regularly encourage you to be good bystanders, we encourage you this week to be good neighbors as we rebuild our community.

Today was the first day I got to see Calhoun County since the storm and let me tell you, it was a bit of a mess! I’ve never seen so many trees turned upside down. Florida’s coast experienced wind speeds over 130 miles an hour as the storm crashed into the panhandle. I was very thankful to see that although there was plenty of roof damage, not many buildings were totally destroyed by Hurricane Michael. We should have no problem getting back into full swing in just a few short weeks!

These coming weeks will be a great time to step up and be a hero. Green Dot is encouraging all our students to go the extra mile this year, not only do we want you to be a great bystander, we want you to feel like you can do something super! Whether it’s checking to make sure your friends have drinking water, or making a grocery run for someone in need, or just spending time with those you love while the powers out, we hope you find an opportunity do something great!

We’re very sorry to inform you that some of our events will be moved around as we await each schools reopening. I know some of you were probably looking forward to the upcoming bystander training this week, but don’t worry! We’ll have another one planned before you know it. If you’re wondering when exactly we’ll be up and running again, a good place to start would be checking your respective school’s website. Some may still be awaiting an announcement, but that should give you some idea as to when things will be getting back to normal.

Lastly, we hope everything went smooth and that you were safe during the storm. For those of you that didn’t evacuate, it was probably a pretty scary experience. Hopefully very soon everyone will have power back on and everything will be cleaned up!

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