October 2nd – 8th

Hey Readers!

We might just have a hurricane coming our way!  Although we will possibly be met with it’s challenges, maybe we can enjoy a day off from school and our regular routines this coming Wednesday.  Although natural disaster prevention isn’t our specialty, we hope you’ll be prepared and keep those you love in mind as you’re planning your hurricane visit.

Green Dot was in attendance at the color run this last Saturday; I hope you took the time to say hey to Ms. Vicki (even if you were just running by)!  If you were a participant, thank you so much for coming out and showing your support to some of our community programs.

Our third Bystander Intervention Training will be held next week at Blountstown High School, if you want to make sure you’re on the invitation list feel free to stop by the Green Dot classroom and talk to either Ms. Vicki or Tyler.

If you’re at Altha School be on the look out for upcoming events!  We have a school wide booster planned and we’re very excited to work with you on completing this project.  It will be a chance for everyone at the school to think about their role in preventing bullying, and it might even include making your own superheroes.  For Liberty County- stay tuned.  We’re looking to do something fun at your school as well.

Lastly, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that you can be a hero just by being. . well. . you!  By starting with your strength’s and weaknesses as a violence preventing community leader, you can better asses options that will be realistic for you when the need arises.  Some of the best tools that you can keep in your utility belt are the 3 D’s (Direct, Delegate, Distract).  Maybe your super power is a cool head and super strength, in that case, Direct would be a great option for you.  Whether it’s a fight at school, or an argument between friends, use Direct when you’re ready to get in the middle of any Red Dot situation.  Maybe your best quality is being a good leader and knowing the right person for the job.  If this sounds like you Delegating may be the best option.  ‘Delegaters’ use their eyes and ears to expertly asses a situation and then are able to explain it to someone so that they are properly equipped to get involved.  Last but not least, we have Distract.  Your super power may be having a great personality, maybe your humor carries you, or you just need a way to get involved indirectly.  ‘Distracters’ get involved by taking attention off the potential violence and unto themselves, diffusing most situations.  Whether it’s making a joke, or busting out your best dance moves, ‘Distracters’ can really make things better with their words and behaviors.

No matter what your super power is, there’s a Green Dot option for you!  Big or small we all have choices, and if we each just do one little thing, it’ll add up to something great!

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