September 25th – October 1st

Hey Readers!

September has come and gone and October is here to (hopefully) bring some much needed cooler temperatures. Changing seasons means changing colors, as well as many Green Dot and community activities planned for the coming Fall.

Thursday brought us another successful bystander intervention training at Liberty County High School, and for those of you that attended, thank you so much for coming out! We had a really great day working with you, and we hope you learned something new by the end of the day!

This coming week we have overviews planned for Altha High School, and we are more than excited to share our message with you and to inspire you to be active bystanders in your community! This weekend we will be attending the color run that will be held this Saturday at Sam Atkin’s Park; it will be a great chance to come out and show some support for your local prevention and awareness programs, as well as be a lot of fun!

This week’s highlighted superhero is Spider-Man. This weekend I re-watched the first Spider-Man movie to get inspired about violence prevention. Personally, I chose to watch the Toby Macquire version of the film. I know this is most people’s least favorite as of late, but personally I think I like this one the best since I saw it before any of the others.

In the film, Peter Parker goes from being an absolute nobody, to an extraordinary hero overnight. He does this of course by having the unfortunate encounter with a radioactive spider, transforming our hero into the web flinging night stalker we know and love. When young Peter is faced with his newfound power for the first time he, unfortunately, misuses it. His first idea is to abuse his power to win fights for free in order to earn some quick cash on the side. Karma catches up to Spider-Man quickly, however, when his Uncle Ben is accosted in the street directly as a result of Peter’s prior actions. Before his last breath, Uncle Ben utters the following: “with great power, comes great responsibility.” This becomes Spider-Man’s personal creed and follows him for the rest of his time as a hero.

Like Spider-Man you can go from being a zero to a hero overnight. You may never have an encounter with a super power giving radioactive spider, but you can become a better bystander overnight just by learning a few simple tips. Whether it’s browsing online for some bystander tips, or signing up for a bystander training, your decisions have a major impact on your school and community!

Remember that big or small you can make a difference! Take the time to do something great, because you never know. You just might become someone’s superhero!

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