September 11th – 24th

Hey all you readers!

Green Dot has been extra busy these last couple of weeks with: overviews, planning booster events, and preparation of another bystander training.  I’m so excited to bring to you this week’s message and to inform you on some of our upcoming events.

September the 11th marked Patriot Day as we take time to remember those that lost their lives on September 11th, 2001.  We hope  that for those of you that lost loved ones you found solace in this day of remembrance.

Throughout most of the first week we were doing overviews at Liberty County High School, sharing our message and, hopefully, inspiring others to be a change for good.  We even had enough moments in the day to squeeze in time to hang up our Superhero posters around Altha Public School and Blountstown High School!  For those of you at Liberty County that are wondering where your Superhero posters are, don’t worry!  We will be hanging them shortly (most likely after your bystander training this week).

Last week we conducted Green Dot overviews with the freshmen at Blountstown High School; I like to think that it was a big success and that we were well received!  I hope we grabbed your attention, and that we encouraged you to get involved with preventing violence with us on campus.  Maybe we’ll even see you at your bystander training!  Later this week we planned an upcoming event at Altha Public School.  We’ll probably schedule it for the end of October, so be on the look out!

I hope you’ve realized by now this year is all about Superheroes and trying to become a hero yourself!  Over the weekend I re-watched the film ‘The Dark Knight’.  I’m sure that like myself many of you enjoy a good Batman movie.  Although the legacy of Batman is a work of fiction, I think there are some parallels to reality that we can gather some lessons from.  In the movie ‘The Dark Knight’, Gotham City has become intolerant of Batman’s crime fighting and has begun to blame him for the rise of ultra-violent crime within the city limits.  Despite their hatred toward the masked hero, Batman remains undaunted in the face of conflict.  He continues to do his good work and to save those in need, regardless of public opinion.  Many characters in the film state that ‘He is not the hero Gotham needs, but the hero it deserves.’  Batman continues to battle evil and to do good no matter what.  My favorite Batman quote is “It’s not who I am under the mask, but what I do that defines me.”  I think this is a quote that we can all live by; regardless of how other people perceive us, our good deeds are what define us as human beings (whether or not we get the recognition we deserve).

And remember, big or small, any one of us can make a difference.  Just by using your words, actions, choices, and behaviors you can make your community safer and become someones Superhero!

Tyler Wertenberger, Green Dot


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