September 4th – 10th


Hey Readers!

It seems the summer showers are finally coming to an end as we approach the middle of September.  Which is great for me because I’m more than tired of worrying whether or not I brought an umbrella with me.

Green Dot has overviews coming up this week with students from Blountstown High, as well as Liberty County.  We might even be coming to your classroom!  We’re very excited to share a little bit about our program with you and fill you in on all the new happenings for this school year.

At the end of this month we have a Green Dot Bystander training planned for Liberty County High School; if you’re not already on the list of attendees and you would like to be you should stop by the front office to make sure you get on the invite list!  The day will be full of games, activities, and tons of great information about violence prevention.  We have a lot planned for you to do and are so excited to spend the day teaching you how you can make a better difference in your community.  I can’t wait to see who all will be there!

Every coming day has new opportunities and possibilities; it can seem like all the days blur together at times, but I can assure you that only one thing is guaranteed and that is change.  With change comes fresh ideas, new challenges, and chances to learn and grow.  I hope for all our readers that when they’re faced with adversity they will feel empowered to act in a way that would make their future selves proud.

Remember that big or small, you can be a hero to someone in need.  With the right tools and a little courage you can fix any problem (even if you need a little help).  My favorite thing about Green Dot is that you have options (what we call the 3 Ds) in any given situation.  Maybe you’re someone who feels comfortable getting directly involved and being in the action during a crisis situation, or maybe you’re someone who delegates and can get the right people involved when needed.  You might even be someone who distracts effectively and can get involved with diffusing violent situations without the people involved even knowing that you’re resolving conflict.  Whatever your Green Dot may be if we all do something small it’ll add up to something HUGE.

I hope you have a great coming week and a successful implementation of your Green Dot strategies!


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