August 21st – 27th

Hey Readers!

Today has been a long one, but I’m happy to be sharing our message with you on this fine Monday afternoon!

I’m so excited to share with you our events for this week.   I think I’ll start by announcing that we have an upcoming Bystander Training for this Thursday at Altha Public School.  We are so excited to see your bright faces as we share the message of violence prevention and bystander intervention with you.

Moving into a new area can be pretty exciting, but scary.  Recently I’ve moved across town to a new building and it has had it’s share of delays, disappointments, and frustrations.  In my case not having hot water.  It is times like these that can really remind us just how well off we are regularly.  Things like a fridge full of food, air-conditioning, running water, and wifi are all relatively new on a human timeline and we often take that for granted.  Just 200 years ago, none of these things would have been available to us.  Which is so weird considering how long humans have been around!

When you think of all the blessings that modern life has afforded to us, we often forget that some of us forgo these meager offerings despite it being so readily available.  If we take a minute to look around our public spheres, even somewhere as close as a classroom you might just see some people “going without”.  Using our eyes and ears for observation make for powerful tools when in search for new information.  This is especially important when applied to bystander intervention, and even more important when applied to being a good neighbor.

I challenge you to find someone in need this week.  Big or small, it could be someone who needs something as little as some help with their homework.  If we all work together to do one little thing, it’ll add up to something huge!


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