August 14th – 20th

Hey there Green Dot readers!

This school year is in full swing and it seems like it’s going to be a good one!  We’ve got few of our very first events for this school year planned and I sincerely hope to see some of you there!

At the end of this month will be our first bystander training for Altha Public School for the current academic year.  I’m so excited to meet with some new faces and to get to share our ideas and curriculum with the students there.  Check with the front office or one of your Green Dot Coordinators about signing up!

Recently I was reintroduced to the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  The Myers-Briggs serves as a tool to better understand peoples personalities, along with their abilities.  It really got me thinking about how different people can approach the same problem with radically different ways to solve it.  Some of us value organization and good preparation, others fly by the seat of their metaphorical pants hoping for a good outcome.  Some of us are bad in new situations, and others still flourish with fresh challenges.  I immediately started thinking about our Green Dot program and the different tools and strategies we give our students when faced with a troubling situation.  Some Green Dotters are totally comfortable in totally uncomfortable situations, like when one of your closest friends is being a jerk to someone.  While others may find it easier to be proactive and to get involved through their community.  I wish I could some how use this personality test to find out what kinds of Green Dots would be good for which personality traits, now that would be useful!

We try our best to equip you for times when life isn’t so easy, but sometimes the answer you’re looking for comes from within.  Maybe you’re non-confrontational, or maybe you can’t talk to strangers, or maybe still you hate feeling obligated to talk about something just because you support it.  No matter what about your personality makes it hard for you to be a Green Dot Bystander, there are options that play to your strengths.  Whether your strength is leadership, or creativity, or just being a good friend in a time of need, you can make a difference and we hope you want to be a part of our movement!

Green Dot is for everyone big and small, no matter what your commitment we hope you stand by it and work for a better tomorrow!

Till next time!

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