July 3rd – 10th

Hey Readers!

Let’s start off this post by saying, we at Green Dot hope you had a great 4th of July!

Personally, I spent my 4th of July the “right” way. You can never go wrong with cooking out, spending time with your closest friends and families, and seeing some absolutely spectacular fireworks. I was fortunate enough to spend my 4th of July with some of my best friends. It really ‘recharged my batteries’ for the coming month.

The 4th also serves as a reminder of our sovereign freedom and our rights as individual citizens. These days it seems that many people are unfamiliar with their unalienable rights to basically be themselves. One of the most important rights of course being the First Amendment and our right to free speech. When we’re trying to make a widespread culture change through a program such as Green Dot it is so important that we can freely share our ideas to speak up and speak out against violence. Imagine how detrimental it would be to our society if programs, like this one, were censored and people weren’t able to talk about problems such as violence. If someone could shut down your free speech immediately by calling you a liar or a slanderer it would be absolutely difficult to make a difference.

Remember that when you’re faced with a situation that is making you uncomfortable, it is not only a great idea to speak up, it’s your right. You can make a difference just by being yourself and helping others for what you believe in with one of the 3-Ds (Direct, Delegate, Distract). Nothing is more beautiful than seeing change for good, especially if you were the catalyst for that change.

So, exercise that free speech people! Make the world a better and less violent place. Not only because you can, but because it’s your right! And remember, “No one has to do everything and everyone can do something!”

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