June 12th – 18th

Big things in the works for your local Green Dot program!

We have been brainstorming big ideas for the coming school year. We’re talking new t-shirts, themes, events, and we may even have a new command post at Altha School. We are so excited to share with you in August what we’ve been working on!

Yesterday was Father’s Day, I hope no one forgot! With so many holidays it can be hard to keep track of them all, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important to try to remember them. Personally I just gave my dad a quick phone call, but I hope some of you had a really great Father’s Day. Whether you went fishing, hunting, or just watched the game together, I hope yesterday was a lot of fun!

After just a few weeks of summer I can already say I’ve been bored a few times. It seems like so many of our friends are out with their families or on vacation while the rest of us are working or lounging around at the house. I would bet that one or two of us in our Calhoun-Liberty County communities have even felt lonely at times. As sad as that is, it is a great opportunity to do a Green Dot. If we all took the time to check in on someone in our community and to spend some quality time with our friends, I think a lot of people in our area would feel great. Here are just a few Green Dot ideas that you could do this week: text a friend and ask them about their week, ask someone new to lunch, set up an open-invite-park-day for you and your friends, have a movie night with pizza, or something else great we haven’t thought of yet!

No matter what your Green Dot is you can be a positive influence in your community. Your words and choices have power and no one can take that away from you. Sincerely from your Green Dot program, we hope you have a great week and that you make others around you smile!




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