June 5th – 11th

Sunshine and light showers, that very well might sum up this last week.  Some days it can be hard to remember the bigger picture and that we live in such a large country.  Heck, I seem to forget I can leave my house sometimes.  Every time I read an article about some new policy or new event in the news I’m always surprised at just how connected we all really are.

Recently I came across this article by the Huffington Post about Green Dot bystander intervention specifically.


The article mostly covers some of the methods we use in Green Dot and how the program is being molded to fit the needs of what ever community it lands in, but I gathered something a little different from it.   Green Dot is being implemented in hundreds of schools and communities all over the nation and the world.  We truly are part of a massive global change for good.

What’s even more amazing is that an almost equal number of ‘Step up!’ programs are popping up all over the country as well.  ‘Step up!’ is a program similar to Green Dot bystander intervention, it focuses on being proactive in times when little violence is seen or received and confident when situations arise.

I think whether or not you’re a Green Dot bystander or a member of a similar program we’re truly making a difference.  The best part is solutions can be simple like walking someone home, having a conversation, or checking in on your friends.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, but when you make a decision to do the right thing you make the world a better place!

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