May 22nd – 29th

Summer is finally here and beautiful weather is on the way!  Well, sort of.  We have had a ton of rain this Memorial Day weekend and I don’t think that’s stopping today.

On Wednesday we had our ‘Green Dot Ice Cream Social’ at Blountstown High School.  The turn out was great and it was nice to see everyone all at once.  We kept it simple with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and we probably served at least 60 people!  Honestly, it was so much fun that we’ll probably need to have another one early next school year.  (see below)


This last Friday was the last day of school for Calhoun county; we’re so sad to see all the familiar faces going home for summer break.  We can’t wait to see our underclass students again in the fall!

Yesterday was Memorial Day; we hope everyone had a great time either cooking out, or remembering those they loved that served and lost their lives in the armed forces.

Until next week Green Dot readers, we look forward to sharing more Green Dot activities with you!

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