May 16 – 21

This last week was exceptionally exciting.  Summer is rapidly approaching, and with it warm weather!  I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s excited to be laying under the blue sky, soaking up the sun.

With the closing of this last week, we saw our Blountstown High School Seniors graduate, as part of their send off we got a few of their classmates to put together this cool banner.  Seeing everyone working together and having a great time made the project fun from start to finish.  It got a little messy while we were working on it, but I think it came out pretty great!

With only a couple of weeks left of school, I think we can all try extra hard to squeeze in a few more Green Dots before this year is over.  We’d appreciate it so much if you could check in on your loved ones, sit with someone new at lunch, have a conversation about violence prevention, or anything great you know you could do for someone you love.  If we all do one little thing, it’ll add up to a great two weeks.


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