May 8-15: Bystander Trainings and Fun!

This last week was really great.  We had a great turn out for our bystander training followed by an awesome Field-Day-Fun-Day at Altha Public School.

Technical difficulties put a damper on enthusiasm early into Thursday morning of our Bystander Training at Blountstown High, but the mood quickly turned around as we got into some of the activities.  We really had a great time working with this group of students.  The leadership card activity, in particular, warmed my heart as different students shared what was most important to them.

One of my favorite activities for every Bystander Training is the ‘reactive relay race’.  Students are read a scenario and have only a minute to write down as many healthy solutions to the problem addressed as they can.  This activity always ends up high energy with everyone competing to have the most solutions.  Some students, in particular, gave really creative or funny responses that you might not expect when addressing violence prevention, but were most likely effective nonetheless.  (below relay race image)


All in all, it was a great day for violence prevention.  Twenty-one students were given not only a new perspective on their role in keeping a safe community- but new tools to make them an effective bystander should the need arise.   I hope that all of our students use their unique perspectives and personalities to become really great members our community.


Yesterday’s fun day at Altha was a really great time.  Tons of people spending the day with waterslides, games, food, and friends.  Some of the middle school students were having more fun than I thought was really possible.  While in attendance we brought our Green Dot table and some good ole’ fashion tail-gate-toss.  Pretty soon we had a small crowd of onlookers competing and having a great time.  (see image below)


To all the students at Altha Public School, thank you so much for making it a great day.  We really couldn’t have done it without you.

As far as Blog entries go, I think this one is wrapping up.

Thank you so much for keeping up with your local Green Dot program, until next week guys, go on and do great things!


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